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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughts on Life - It's a Mishmash

For all my talk of organizing last week, I am finding myself floundering a bit. It feels so good to move back to the routines of work, school, and home-cooked meals. But sometimes life can feel a bit off. Its cause is often intangible. Perhaps it's mood. Perhaps it's winter and cloudiness. Perhaps it's the fear of what is ahead. Perhaps it's doubt.

I have been busy working on orders and blankets and fun, creative, upcycled ideas for customers. I have continued to have plenty of gatherings and parties. (Maybe I just need more of my little neighbor's joy??? Isn't he just the sweetest little boy? Our neighbors gave us a table-top tennis set and it has been a blast to play!)

We celebrated my mom's birthday with dinner out last weekend and my oldest son is turning 21! Phew!

Life is what happens to me in between parties.....and doctor appointments and phone calls to insurance companies.....

Maybe I am just like this winter, which can't make up its mind whether it wants to be cold or warm, wet or snowy.  Just a mishmash kindof mucky middle of the road time.

Thank goodness we had enough cold for our ice rink to freeze once so far. Especially since my husband built Fort Knox around it. The deer kept getting past his simple fence so he enclosed it in twine and garland. At one point they jumped over it and pierced the plastic! But it was man vs. deer at that point, and man won.

Our snow is gone but we have enough cold to make snow. I even went downhill skiing for the first time in 20+ years! But some more snow would mean I could get out cross-country skiing. I do know that getting outdoors invigorates me.

Here's wishing you are not falling under the winter blahs....or perhaps you can share what helps you!


  1. I'm kind of feeling lost myself. After the hectic life of holidays and crazy busy with sales and trying to do all that and schooling the boys, now the quiet is making me more frantic. I did need a break, but this is too much. The lack of sun is not motivating me to be creative either.

  2. I get it Jane-those winter blahs. The ice rink looks so pretty all lit up!

  3. So many pretty photos in your post, Jane. I love the one of the ice skates. Sounds like the weater is crazy in your neck of the woods this year. To beat the winter blahs, I have been getting out and doing stuff instead of holing up at home like I usually do. Went to the zoo, a couple museums, etc. during the last month. It really lifted my mood.

  4. Or perhaps it is the quiet before your creative storm! I love your photos! Makes me feel cozy. I hope you and your family are doing well!

  5. I had the winter blahs last week, too. All of us were under the weather and everything was put on hold. My children are out of school these next two days so by the time Wednesday rolls around, I will have so much catching up to do.
    Happy 21st to your oldest!
    Good for you for skiing! I have never been downhill skiing!
    Elizabeth :)

  6. I kind of feel that way, too. I have some extra time today but I'm not using it very well. I'm just not motivated. I hope it passes quickly!



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