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Friday, January 25, 2013

New Things

I created this blanket for a wonderful customer, Lori, who found me on Makeably.  (If you love custom-made items, check it out!)

She asked if I could make a blanket out of sweaters.  I had never made one exclusively out of sweaters, but I did not anticipate a problem.

These were fine-gauge sweaters and they were very similar in style - plain, but of varying colors.

As in all of my custom work, I work closely with the customer to create a product they envision.  Lori wanted a floral chintz-like fabric for the background. We shared photos and links of various fabrics until she settled on this lovely floral.  She selected a fleece in a spinach green for the backing fabric.

I did not know the story behind the sweaters while I was working on this blanket, so I finally asked Lori. She said,

"I miss my mom so much - every day. We used to torment her about these sweaters. She had one in ever color. How appropriate to have them all together in a beautiful way. She would love this. Thank you again."

I can't express, enough, how much I enjoy every aspect of making these blankets. I enjoy selecting the fabrics, talking to my customers and hearing the special memories associated with the shirts and sweaters.

Thank you!


  1. This story made me tear up a bit. Such a sweet idea to use those sweaters for a blanket.

  2. The blanket turned out beautiful! Who would have dreamed? What were the sweaters made of?

  3. Very cool. A treasure they will cherish.

    I love the way you hung the blanket to photograph it. I'm always struggling to take pictures of the quilts I make and never thought to do it that way. I'm going to try it with the next one. Thanks for the idea!



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