Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pajama Brick Memory Quilt Blanket

I was honored to create a blanket in memory of my customer's mother, who passed away in June. She had been ill for a while and her husband had mainly seen his wife in her pajamas for the last four years. Today would have been their anniversary.

The box arrived with nine or so fleece and flannel pajamas.  I was not sure what to create since this was a little different than most of my other projects.

When searching for ideas, I stumbled across this Snuggly Bricks Quilt. My customer and I liked the idea. It was simple and straightforward and a good way to use all the patterned fabric.

I also discovered that Joann Fabrics now sells extra wide fleece!

I started cutting one pair of pajamas and was able to estimate how many strips I could make. I figured I could always buy some filler fabric if necessary. But I didn't need to do so. I ended up cutting rectangles that were 6" x 10". I sewed ten in  a strip and then staggered the strips.

The blanket ended up being huge! It is 80" x 98". I simply pinned the top to the fleece and double turned the edge to create a binding.  I stitched the binding in place and then stitched in the ditch across the blanket every 3 rows.

 I had enough fabric leftover to make a couple pillow cases, too.

The blanket is simple, but beautiful, I think. It is big and cozy and filled with memories.

I'm adding this style blanket to my product offerings. I envision it could be created in various sizes, including youth, throw, and bed sizes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Super-sized Oversized Blanket!

I recently completed another beach blanket using the adorable Jenny Eliza fabrics by Sisboom!   My customer originally requested a 10' square blanket. I didn't think I could manage that size, so he suggested an 8' blanket.

My regular blanket is about 7' square. But the extra rows in each direction tested the limits of my strength, patience, machine, and living room floor! But the results were worth it!  This blanket is fabulous! (If I do say so myself.) As usual, I don't have the photography skills to prevent color washout.  The fabrics are so much more vivid in person.

My customer shared that he has eight kids! Can you picture this blanket brimming with all the little ones? I can!

Here's a shot of the blanket next to my blanket.....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Musings and Finished Table Runner, Pillow and Crochet Fabric Rug

Some time ago I found two fabulous fabric scrap balls at a garage sale! (Yikes! I cast on for this back in 2011!) I shoved it into a drawer. I think I was worried about the circle becoming wonky. There's a tutorial here.  I saw a video tutorial (and can't find it right now) that suggested a size P hook, which is what I used, and suggested increasing whenever it looked like the stitch wouldn't go around the circle. In other words, eyeball it, which is what I did in the beginning. This one is in SC. So every once in a while, I put two stitches into one to increase.

You can see that it looks a bit hexagonal. Perhaps if I did some rows without increases that would disappear. However, it finished up quickly and I found a perfect place for it.

Our downstairs bathroom is very small. My husband and son mainly use the shower there, so this gives them a spot to drip dry as well as keep their feet warm on this tile!

In some other sewing, I made a pillow and table runner for a friend who is helping her mom move into a condo.

I made my first visit to IKEA recently. We don't have one nearby. The closest ones are near Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. So during a recent trip, I stopped in. I was a bit overwhelmed. The one item that I really wanted was their cheap frames for my first photo grouping. But they ran out of the 8 x 10s!!!  I'm also not sure I like the maze that you have to go through. However, there was a lot to look at. I bought two of the bags, just because.....and I ended using one to ship some bulky items. It worked very well!

This has been one of the most transient-feeling summers I have experienced in a long time.  Not for me, but for my kids. With two kids moving home for the summer and then one moving out for a summer job, then all back here, and now sending three off to college.  And that's just the basic stuff going on.... Add in a bit of a rainy summer and capsized sailboat and the result is not that many trips to the beach.  My husband and I managed a few evening walks and he always finds the unusual colors! (I get all the white and greens.) But I did find the biggest Lucky Stone yet! (You can read about Lucky Stones here.)

There were days when Lake Erie was furious!

There were some things I said "no" to, and a few I said "yes" to. How could I not do this run again?

That's just a touch of some of the things I have been doing. Now, I have to take a special, young lady off to college.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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